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Best-selling authors and coaches, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, have both leveraged the Law of Attraction to create and live their dream lives and they are here to share with you all the ins and outs of manifesting. These girls know how to have fun and have guided thousands of people to transform their lives by manifesting more love and more money with way more ease!

Turn the volume up, it's time to Manifest It Now!

Dec 29, 2019

Before diving into the new year, Cassie and Ginny are talking about how you can be more “you” this year. Manifesting is about being authentically you and aligning with that. 2020 is a great year to see yourself clearly and put yourself in focus and this is an integral part of the law of attraction.

When criticism...

Dec 22, 2019

It's holiday time and Cassie and Ginny want to celebrate with you! Cassie talks about her annual holiday cookie party; that this is a lesson in doing what you want now and how you don’t have to wait for anyone else.

Ginny shares a manifesting story that happened recently - when something seems like it might not be...

Dec 15, 2019

Ginny and Cassie are proud to present a guide on manifesting through the holidays in this episode. Before diving into the topic at hand, Ginny and Cassie share some reflections on the past year. This leads them to speak to the importance of not comparing ourselves to any other person – even if they are your...

Dec 8, 2019

Today’s topic revolves around if there really is such a thing as the “right time” for something. When people say things like “the time just had to be right,” Cassie hears the energy behind it and knows that there is so much more at play.

This subject came about when Ginny and Cassie were talking...

Dec 1, 2019

Following up on last week’s discussion about when it’s time to hire a coach, Ginny and Cassie are talking about how to choose the right coach in this episode. The first step, which both of our hosts agree with, is determining what you want to get from a coaching experience.

Being clear about what you want from a...