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Best-selling authors and coaches, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, have both leveraged the Law of Attraction to create and live their dream lives and they are here to share with you all the ins and outs of manifesting. These girls know how to have fun and have guided thousands of people to transform their lives by manifesting more love and more money with way more ease!

Turn the volume up, it's time to Manifest It Now!

Oct 28, 2018

If you have ever felt like trying to manifesting the big stuff is uncomfortable, or maybe brings up all the stuff you have been ignoring...tune in this week as Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane talk about one of the pillars of successfully manifesting the big stuff and how you can get comfortable with the transition. 

Oct 21, 2018

When you know self-love and worthiness are core to successful manifesting, but you aren't sure what to do about it...this episode is for you! This week Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane follow organic inspiration to discuss worthiness and how it plays into manifesting. Tune in to hear how these challenges actually...

Oct 14, 2018

From a listener question, this week Cassie and Ginny discuss the power of visualization in your manifesting practice. What should you visualize, when it the best time, from what perspective and how specific? Most importantly the girls speak about how to get into the beingness of a visualization and why it is so valuable...

Oct 7, 2018

If you've ever asked yourself the question "How can I surround myself with more positive people?..." this show is for you! Cassie and Ginny talk about how you can shift your focus to attract more like-minded people as well as what actions to take in order to manifest more high energy people in your work and...